Broken Bones

Emergency Room and Emergency Care Services For Broken Bones

Broken Bones can be a medical emergency. ER of Texas provides 24-hour emergency care with no wait.

A broken bone, also known as a bone fracture, is a serious injury that should be treated as soon as possible. While all broken bones should be treated right away, not all of them are considered emergencies. In some cases, you will be better served at an urgent care center rather than the emergency room.

The following are some signs that a broken bone does require emergency care:

  • The bone is protruding from the skin
  • You can see the bone or feel it through the skin
  • You have difficulty moving the injured limb
  • The injured area looks different than usual
  • There are other injuries accompanying the broken bone
  • You feel faint or are about to lose consciousness
  • There is bleeding around the injury
  • The injured area is numb

If any of the symptoms above occur after an injury, visit your local ER or call 911 immediately. The team at ER of Texas treats both adult and pediatric patients.

First Aid Tips:

There are several things you can do for a person with a broken bone while waiting for help. First, wrap up any open wounds to stop bleeding. Keep the injured area immobilized and have the person lie still. Make sure they are comfortable but try to keep their movement to a minimum. Apply an ice pack to the area for ten minutes at a time. Keep the person calm by talking to them and assuring them that help is on the way.

Remember, anxiety and panic can make emergency situations worse. The most important thing you can do is contact emergency dispatchers. Once that’s done, try to stay calm and speak with a confident and reassuring tone.

ER of Texas provide specialized treatment for patients with minor emergency and major emergency broken bone injuries in DFW and surrounding communities. Please contact us online or call us at a location near you.

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    “I went to ER of Texas in the middle of the night on a weekend. I was greeted with a smile and was able to see a doctor right away. The staff were so professional & compassionate and took great care of me.”

    - Connie

    “I have had to come to ER of Texas twice, and each time has been such a pleasant experience. They took such great care of my 3 year old and when I had to come. They get you in and out efficiently which is a PLUS. I highly recommend them!”

    - Jeanette V

    “All the physician's at ER of Texas does an incredible work. I would like to thank you guys so much for the amazing treatment and care you gave us. I appreciate you very much for everything. I also want to thank everyone else that took care of me.”

    - Judy L