Top 5 Most Common Reasons for ER Visits

Top 5 Most Common Reasons for ER Visits

Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Emergency Room Visits

There’s a variety of symptoms that bring people to seek care at an ER and freestanding emergency center. 129.8 million Americans visit an emergency room each year. According to the CDC, the most common symptoms for ER patients in the United States include:

Chest Pain

Chest pain, heart attack, and related symptoms are reported by 6 million people visiting the emergency room each year. These may be caused by a wide variety of conditions such as disease of the heart, aorta or lungs. Common symptoms reported include chest pain, crushing or squeezing.

Chest pains are one of the most common reasons why people visit the ER. Cardiac arrest situations are common in the ER, and although chest pain visits are declining in recent years, still nearly half a million people die each year due to heart complications.

If you have chest pain, ER of Texas freestanding emergency centers offer the same imaging options as hospital emergency departments with a focus on patient experience. Learn more about chest pain.

Abdominal Pain

Stomach or abdominal pain is the most commonly reported symptom in emergency rooms. Approximately 7 million adults come to the ER each year reporting stomach cramps, spasms and pains.

Around 2000 people visit the ER every single day due to abdominal pains. Most likely, bacterial and viral infections are the cause of abdominal pains. The culprit of abdominal pains can be a factor to several different diagnoses.

  • Food Poisoning/ Allergies
  • Kidney Stones
  • Stomach Virus
  • Appendicitis
  • Ulcers
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Abdominal pain may occur anywhere between your chest and groin, the area we usually refer to as our stomach or belly. Almost everyone has pain in the abdomen at some point. Stomach or abdominal pain can be easily diagnosed and treated. Abdominal pain is usually not a serious issue, but there are potential risks. Your level of pain does not always reflect the seriousness of the condition.

If you are experiencing stomach pain, it is important you are seen by a doctor for a thorough examination and diagnosis of your condition. Learn more about abdominal pain.


A temperature above 105° in an adult is dangerous. Children over one should not reach above 104°.

High fever is usually a symptom of an infection in your body. Most physicians agree that fevers occur when your body is trying to fight off an infection. Fever is also a common symptom of heatstroke and other illnesses.

Fever is the most common cause for children to visit the emergency room. About 15% of all pediatric emergency visits are for fever. If you or your child is experiencing a high fever, seek immediate medical attention. Learn more about Severe Fever.

Back Pain

Another increasing reason for visiting the ER is due to back-related issues. Back pains or muscle strains in the back can be due to an accident or physical injuries while playing sports or lifting heavy things. It was regarded as the number one reason for visiting the ER, but the number has declined in recent years.

Contusions and Cuts

Cuts and contusions are among the most common reasons people visit the ER. They can occur through any activity and often require urgent emergency attention. The majority of cuts and contusions are due to accidents with a glass or a knife and in case of severe bleeding, a trip to the ER becomes necessary. Learn more about Cuts & Lacerations.

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