Child Emergency Rooms in Dallas–Fort Worth, TX

24-Hour Children Emergency Room

Children Emergency Room: Infant and Pediatric Emergency Care

Our Children Emergency Room is open 24 hours. All ER of Texas Emergency Center emergency rooms are fully equipped to function as pediatric emergency rooms throughout Dallas–Fort Worth, TX.

Parents understand that children can get sick or hurt at a moment’s notice. That is why you must know ER of Texas Emergency Center’s children emergency room and our top-quality pediatric emergency care services.

Our 24-hour pediatric emergency room (ER) is nearest to you in Dallas-Fort Worth cities, TX. We treat all children and infants, including pediatrics.

Find one of our children’s emergency rooms near you.

24-Hour Children Emergency Room

At ER of Texas Emergency Center, children and infants come first and we work with parents to provide quality and exceptional ER care for Dallas kids.

Because medical emergencies can happen at any time, it is vital that parents have access to around-the-clock pediatric emergency room facilities that provide services for even the youngest of patients. When kids are hurt or ill, time can be of the essence in getting their condition diagnosed and treated.

Rather than wait to make an appointment with a pediatrician, or treat the injury or illness at home, Moms and Dads can utilize the 24-hour pediatric emergency care at ER of Texas Emergency Center.

We provide emergency pediatric care and treatment for a wide array of conditions. Whether the pediatric medical emergency is serious or relatively minor, our professionally-trained medical team is equipped to address a wide assortment of pediatric health conditions.

Pediatric Emergency Care Services We Provide:

Injuries and illnesses we treat at all ER of Texas Emergency Center emergency rooms include:

Young patients who experience these and a wide array of other conditions often require prompt medical intervention. When kids are in pain or suffering from an illness that does not respond to over-the-counter medications, parents can bring them to our 24/7 emergency room and get immediate treatment and help.

ER of Texas Emergency Center wants children to feel comfortable during their emergency room visit

Our team of board-certified doctors and medical staff can treat a wide assortment of illnesses and injuries because of the extensive array of medications and medical equipment on hand and ready for immediate use in our pediatric ER.

We can treat conditions like dehydration by providing IV fluids to a sick child and also treat more serious injuries like burns, animal bites, and deep cuts and wounds.

Our staff understands that children are often scared and in pain when they come to the ER. That is why we make it a priority to treat patients thoroughly and effectively to eliminate their distress.

24-hour Emergency Medical Services and Tests are available for Kids and Infants

When a young patient arrives and needs blood tests or x-rays, our team offers laboratory and imaging services. Lab workers and imaging specialists are on hand to provide consultations and to help with a patient’s care if doctors order blood work, x-rays, an ultrasound, or other diagnostic tests. Parents can appreciate that their child will receive the best of care and a comprehensive diagnosis regardless of the time of day.

Children can become sick or suffer an injury unexpectedly. ER of Texas Emergency Center can help the youngest of patients feel better quickly and get back to their normal lives.

Our Pediatric ER is open 24/7 to help treat and diagnose minor and major emergencies. Our board-certified pediatric physicians are available 24 hours.