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Full Service Emergency Room

Full Service Emergency Room Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area

A full service emergency room is not attached to a hospital. This facility is different than a traditional ER, which is connected with a hospital. You might be wondering if you can get all of the same services at this type of facility. The answer is that yes, you can get treatment for all medical emergencies. Keep reading to learn more about why you should choose these facilities for your health.

Why choose full service emergency rooms?

Full service emergency rooms offer high-quality medical care for all types of conditions. Patients might be wondering why they should choose this type of facility. One of the major advantages is the short wait time. Compared to hospital ER wait times, this can be a huge benefit. Some studies have shown that the average wait in a traditional ER is 135 minutes on average.

Freestanding full service emergency rooms are becoming more popular. This can be due in part to the fact that patients can get treated faster. Another benefit is the quality of care at these facilities. According to federal law, the facilities must be open at all hours of the day, all year long. Patients can benefit from the emergency physicians, medications and imaging services.

About 85% of all emergency visits happen in metro areas. However, for residents of rural areas, it can be harder to get immediate care. Luckily, many full service emergency rooms are located in suburban or even rural areas. In an emergency, every second counts.

Anyone who has visited a hospital knows how hard it can be to navigate the large medical complex. Finding a parking spot in a large lot or a parking garage can be confusing. Then it can be hard to find the emergency room in the hospital because there is often a maze of buildings in the area. On the other hand, full service emergency rooms are often much easier to navigate due to their smaller and more manageable size. It is easier to find a parking spot and the right entrance. That can make a huge difference to patients who are already stressed during an emergency.

When to get emergency room

It is important to understand when to use a full service emergency room. There are several scenarios that require immediate care. These include severe burns and smoke inhalation. Heatstroke or extreme dehydration can also both be life-threatening conditions.

Diabetic shock requires emergency services as well. Any injury to the back or the neck can be life-threatening. These can damage the spinal cord. Without treatment, the patient’s brain may also be injured.

Choose a full service emergency room today

When you choose full service emergency rooms, you will receive high-quality care. These facilities provide the same emergency services you can find in traditional emergency rooms. You can benefit from them because you may receive more individualized care. Contacting a full service emergency room today can give you more information about them.

To find the ER of Texas Full Service Emergency Room location near you, go to our ER locations page. Our emergency rooms are open 24/7.