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How a Freestanding Emergency Room Is More Convenient

Our Freestanding Emergency Rooms Throughout Dallas-Fort Worth Area Have Shorter Wait Times

For your most critical medical needs, a freestanding emergency room could be the right place to go. You never know when you may suffer an injury or get seriously ill. It is nice to know that you can get the treatment you need in one facility. In many ways, it makes more sense for you and other patients to choose a freestanding ER over a traditional setting.

What freestanding emergency room looks like

Unlike a regular ER, a freestanding emergency room is not connected to a hospital. Some emergency centers are in different areas than a hospital. Still, these places offer the same level of care as any emergency department. Patients have access to a bloodwork lab and all the necessary imaging and testing equipment. The doctors and nurses have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat the most troubling conditions. This facility is always open 24 hours and does not require people to call ahead before coming.

Closer to home

People who live in large, urban areas do not likely have trouble finding a nearby hospital. Depending on where a person lives, there could be multiple options when it is time to get emergency assistance. This is not the case for many patients who live in smaller, rural areas. Some people must travel hours before finding a medical center with an ER. A freestanding emergency room is nice for people in this demographic. The emergency center does not need other parts of a hospital to function so one could be much closer.

Shorter wait times at a freestanding emergency room

When a medical emergency hits, people need relief fast. It is no wonder why patients and family members get upset when they must wait at the ER for help. Some people may wait more than an hour just for a doctor to examine them. At a freestanding ER, patients experience shorter waits. People should get in faster through the check-in process and when needing tests. Things move more quickly here because the staff can devote more time to individual patients.

Patient care and service

When people can choose between good customer service and inconsistent service, it is not difficult to know where to go. Patients find that nurses and doctors can give one-on-one care at a freestanding ER. Here, the medical teams do not have to wait for other hospital departments to move from one step to the next. Patients move through the ER here faster, which can make the entire experience smoother.

A place you can feel good about

You may not think much about where you would go for emergency medical care. Maybe you do not think you will ever need such attention. If you or a loved one gets seriously ill or hurt, you can have peace of mind that a freestanding emergency room is convenient and effective. Find out where the closest freestanding facility is so you can plan and be ready. The dedicated doctors and nurses are ready to restore your health and get you back on your feet.

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We have 9 facilities spread across the DFW area that are OPEN 24/7 located in Hurst, Colleyville, Frisco, Highland Village, Hillcrest, Uptown, Little Elm, Mansfield, and Texoma.

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